Civic Impact Scholars

Rock the Vote student volunteers show off their t-shirts.


The Civic Impact Scholars program aims to develop student leaders throughout the California Community Colleges prepared to make an impact in their communities.  Scholars will work to grow the civic engagement efforts on their individual campus and form connections with fellow students and civic leaders throughout the state.

A cohort of 25 students who participated in Civic Impact Project voter registration activities will be selected as Civic Impact Scholars. Scholars will complete a combination of meaningful volunteer experience and career exploration activities. 


  • Scholars will be able to identify and articulate the importance of civic engagement in their everyday life.
  • Scholars will gain professional skills while exploring pathways into public service.
  • Scholars will develop interpersonal communication skills and the ability to collaborate across diverse perspectives.
  • Scholars will further their knowledge of the democratic process and local, state, and national government institutions.
  • Scholars will provide feedback to expand effective student outreach strategies and engage more community college students in the democratic process.


  • Exposure to a wide range of career pathways to prepare for a career public service.
  • Ability to serve a leadership role representing students in the early stages of a statewide program.
  • Connection to a statewide network of prestigious students interested in public service.
  • Resume review and connection to leaders in an area of the scholar’s interest.
  • Certificate of achievement and Civic Engagement digital badge from the Foundation for California Community Colleges upon completion.
  • Fully-funded trip to Sacramento to attend the Civic Impact Scholar Symposium (Summer 2017).


  • It is recommended that the applicant have had an active role in the fall of 2016 Civic Impact Project at one of 25 pilot colleges, fostering civic engagement opportunities at their college campus and/or in their larger community (see home page for eligible pilot colleges).  However if the applicant was not directly involved in the Fall 2016 activities with the Civic Impact Project, but fostered civic engagement in other ways, the applicant is still encouraged to apply. 
  • Applicant must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Applicant must be enrolled at least part-time in a California Community College in the spring of 2017.
  • Applicant must be 18 years old.
  • Applicant must be able to provide a letter of recommendation from a staff or faculty member familiar with the applicant's civic engagement efforts.

Scholar Activities:

  • Scholars will complete approximately 40 combined hours of training and community service over the course of the spring semester.
  • Scholars will provide feedback to expand effective student outreach strategies and engage more community college students in the democratic process.
  • Scholar will participate in monthly video conference calls coordinated by the Civic Impact Project, which may include: informational interviews with public officials, non-profit or community leaders, presentations by fellow scholars of civic engagement activities on their campus, and information on civic engagement activities.
  • Scholars will organize and cultivate bimonthly civic engagement activities at their community college campus.
  • Under the director of a campus advisor, scholars will develop a capstone project which will cultivate a stronger civic engagement presence at the scholar's campus or broader community. Scholars whose project excelled in cultivating civic engagement will be invited to present at the Civic Impact Project Symposium in the summer of 2017. Sample activities may include:
    • Holding a non-partisan civic engagement activity on campus, like a Day of Service or Constitution Day celebration activities.
    • Forming a civic engagement club
    • Advocating on behalf of an issue of importance to the scholar by writing a letter to the editor or attending a public meeting
    • Creating a three minute video which explains why participating in the political process is important and relevant.
  • Scholars will track civic engagement activities and participation, reporting the data back to the Civic Impact Project and submit a reflection of their activities.
  • Scholars will create a current resume and receive feedback from program staff for future internship, fellowship and paid positions in their desired field. 
  • Scholars will attend a Civic Impact Project Symposium in the Summer of 2017.